Car Battery Eliminator for TK-3207

Car Battery Eliminator for TK-3207

With this car battery eliminator you can power the listed two way radio models directly from your car///////’//i//i//i/s cigar lighter receptacle.

Simply replace your two way radio battery with this device. Then insert the DC plug into the cigar lighter receptacle in your vehicle. After completing the above, your two way radio will be powered by the DC voltage from your vehicle!

What///////’//i//i//i/s more is that this battery eliminator has an in-built over-voltage protection function to provide extra safe protection for your valued radios.

FIT for Model  :
KENWOOD handheld Radio : TK2200 , TK2202 , TK2207 , TK3200 , TK3202 , TK3207


  • Switching IC Design
  • Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature  Protection
  • DC input :  DC 12/24V
  • Output :  MAX 3A output
  • High efficient >90%
  • low heat dissipation

1 x Car Battery Eliminator for TK-3207


Author: 409shop

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