SMALL Throat Vibration Mic for UV-5RT UV-5S UV-5RU

Throat Vibration Mic


Designed with a vibration sensor attached to your neck near the vocal cord. The sensor will only pick up the skin vibration signals from your vocal cord when you are talking rather than the air vibration signals from your mouth and the environment. Therefore, the background noises are almost totally eliminated. This product perfectly eliminates the background noises and avoid echoes…

Main Function Purpose:

1. The simple edition Throat Mic is suitable for two-way radio that has an audio jack.

2. The Throat Mic could transfer the quaver that emit from the Throat into audio frequency and send out by the two-way radio to the other receiver.

3. The single Earphone can be cut shorter to fit different sized of ears. The Simple edition Throat Mic also includes a Weatherproof Push-To-Talk (PTT) for tough outdoor situations. The PTT button has an extra long cord so it can mount on handgrip or in a remote location

4. The Throat Mic could help you feel freely when you are driving/ cycling/ climbing or any other outdoors movement

User Guide

1. Plug the audio pin into the audio jack of your two-way radio;

2. Put the ring Frequency Inductor to the right place of your Throat;

3. After you connect the Throat Mic to your two-way radio press the PTT button sostenuto when you gonna to speak with the other speaker;

4. Now you can play in the rain, mud, or dust and not worry about damaging your two-way radio or, and it could make you feel freely when you are driving / cycling / climbing or any other outdoors movement.

Best fit neck size: 14″ – 18″
Length of wires: 60 cm / 2 ft from throat mic to PTT switch; 120 cm / 4 ft (fully extended) from PTT switch to plug; transparent tube extendable to 30 cm / 1 ft from the throat mic.
Weight: 40 g.
With PTT bottom

Fit for model

BF-490BF-568BF-758S,BF-777S, BF-888SBFF8-PLUSBF-F9BFK5,BF-V6,
BJ-UV88 , BJ-UV99
TC-268, TC-268S, TC-270, TC-270S.etc..
TK-240, TK-250, TK-255, TK-260, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270G,
TK-272G, TK-278, TK-278G, TK-340, TK-349, TK-350, TK-353,
TK-360, TK-360G, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-373G, TK-378, TK-378G,
TK-430, TK-431, TK-715, TK-2100, TK-2102, TK-2107,
TK-2118, TK-2160, TK-31
LT-2188, LT-2268LT-2288, LT-3188,LT-3260, LT-3268,LT-3288,LT-5288,
LT-6000, LT-6100,LT-6100plus,LT-6188, LT-6288, LT-6600LT-9000LT-9800
PX-325PX-328, PX-333, PX-358PX-555,PX-666, PX-728PX-729PX-777,
KG-833KG-889KG-UV6D , KG-UVD1P
FD-A380FD-55FD-56, FD58, FD-68FD-98FD-278FD-288FD-289,
FD-390FD-760FD-780 , FD-790FD-850FD-880FD-890
(FD-288FD-268-Earpiece only)
V-1000VEV-3288VEV-3288SVEV-V16, V8
RT-626,RS-958,RT-966, RS-999UV-8R
G6700, G-6800,
RT-6000, RT-6100RS-LY8RS-H86
HT910 , HT911
PT558 , PT560

1 x Throat Vibration Mic


Author: 409shop

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